Power-packed Features

Our Feature listing will knock your socks off – read up!

Super-quick Integrations

Get ready to roll and rock within MINUTES!

Ever heard of 3-minute integrations? Unless you’ve met Wynta before, that’s unheard of! Our partnerships and work behind the scenes with top gaming platform providers makes it possible for you to get started literally within minutes, and very few ones at that!

Wynta knows that time is money and money is important, so obviously time is important… Just to make sure you know we know what the rage is all about, we offer you 3-minute integrations to set up your own program on our platform. Smoothly and super-quickly wins the race, but remember you heard this from Wynta first.

All you’ve got to do is come over, get your brands along and we’ll plug you in real quick – we mean it…

So here’s what you can do with all that time you’ve saved up on –


Plug and Play

Completely SaaS, completely customisable!

It’s your brand, it’s your say: that’s what we believe here at Wynta. And that’s why we let your platform look like YOUR PLATFORM.

It’s unbelievable how much you can customise on a totally SaaS platform (we can hardly believe it ourselves sometimes!), but that’s the point - you get an affiliate program that dances precisely to the beat your tunes. It’s all part of our commitment to serve up the best products with top notch features, ones you will appreciate and definitely use.

Give us your brand, give us your specs – Wynta will bring it all together for you.

We don’t cater to the unambitious; so if you have a plan, bring it over, we’ll make it happen for you.

Psst… but if you are unambitious, speak to us anyway, we’ll blow your mind with what we can do with and for your brand!

Plug and Play

Responsive Interfaces

Talk to our products and they’ll talk back to you…

No, they won’t (couldn’t resist that wordplay!), but gone are the days when you’d have to start up the old computer and wait for it to settle down before getting down to business. We’re just saying: out of the two eyes you’ve got, one should always be on your business…

To make this easier for you, we’ve ensured you get the best interfaces to work with even on-the-go. Let’s face it, your mobile/ tab may not be your best friend, but it sure is your closest (in proximity) and if we can help you mix work with pleasure just a liiiiittle bit, it’s not a bad thing at all these days!

Wynta products can be viewed on, and more importantly, used on all of the devices you would like to – desktop, mobile or tabs.

Real-time Monitoring

If it’s recorded NOW, you’ll see it NOW!

The whole point of Wynta is to find your biggest pet peeves and get rid of all the fleas that come with. Real-time monitoring is not a joke, of course, which is why in the age of the right-here-right-now, it made superlative sense for us to include this feature and make it even more formidable to the unsuspecting onlooker.

To the suspecting in-looker though, not only is it not formidable, but it sounds also like a massive sigh of relief. When you’re offering these services to serious, hardcore marketing folk, their prime concern is performance and revenue. Offer them these statistics at real-time and… whoa, we just let slip the greatest recipe for success!

Push your business even further with this real-time-tested feature – you CAN NOT possibly go wrong!

Real-time Monitoring

Multi-brand Customisation

The more the merrier!

Wynta is not partial to the size of your business. On our platform, whether you’ve got one brand or a hundred, you stand a brilliant chance of making it a big name under a single roof. We empower you to do so with as much extravagance as you like, in fact we’ll even add to it some.

Role Management

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Wynta understands that your platform works best when you allot dedicated team members to manage predefined roles. We offer you unhindered access levels for various tasks on your platform, so you may rest assured the needful is being done by the exact person who should be doing it.

Role Management

AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence takes over Natural Inanity.

Wynta uses AI and Machine Learning to enhance the credibility and standing of your platform. In a saturated market, our goal is to ply your brand with ground-breaking features that will shake the industry into trusting the value your business contributes to it. Who can find fault with an intelligent product in this day and age anyway?

AI has invaded our lives and is here to stay (for good). What a time to be alive in! You’d best get onboard the Wynta wagon; the price for getting left behind is pretty steep today!

Support and Service

With great features come great responsibility…

--- that of providing top class support.You’re welcome to lean on us; we are more than capable of carrying the weight of the product we’ve built you!

As much as our products and services are user-friendly, we don’t expect you to steer the ship on your own. We’re here for you whenever you need us, and we’re available every step of your way. You’ll have as much tech and service support as you’ll need; we consider it a vital part of our partnership!

Read up on our collection of resources and our insightful blog or simply contact us for information and assistance, we are happy to cake walk you through it.

Support and Service