Power-packed Features

Our Feature listing will knock your socks off – read up!

Player Account Management

Keep abreast of what’s going on with your brand, here’s your chance to really know your players with data available at your fingertips the very moment an activity is recorded by your provider. There’s so much left to contribute to the gaming industry, there’s so much you can do for your players – data speaks, loudly and clearly. Wynta’s PMC helps you hear it, process it and use the information wisely – our top class console will take you there!

Bonus/ Offer Management

There’s so much you can do with data that’s literally screaming in your face – find what players like, and give them it, basically! We like to keep things simple around here, and so we’d be lying if we said it were rocket science – it’s not. We tell you what your players are like, and it’s up to you to be fabulous to them. Go ahead, make us proud!

In-depth Reporting

Reporting, as it should be! We understand your data for you, and then help you understand it clearly too. Data is precious and we know that every single bit of information counts. We take those little bits and recount them to you in a way that you’re able to make sense out of it all. Scores of data fit just right in with Wynta, because we’ve already done all the ground work – you just have to run with it and fly!


Wynta offers you a world-class, multi-currency product that keeps you on top of your game, THE game. View your data relevant to your financial terms and eliminate the need for prediction, when you can have it all in one single place at your disposal.

Fully Compliant

Wynta takes compliance extremely seriously, it is one of the foundational features of our brand and we take great pride in being fully compliant with iGaming commissions that govern our regions of operations. It is our focus to ensure all measures towards data protection and responsible gambling be implemented as per guidelines issued.